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Stay vital … Our motto is. Decelerated, slimmer, more mobile, more vital, younger, more attractive-and ultimately happier and more successful.

To this end, we use the most important scientific and technical achievements from all over the world.

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Charge your cell batteries

We only use certified technologies, products and methods that are imitated to nature. We continue to use insights based on Russian space research.

There are some outstanding scientists and analysts whose findings we are guided by:

Dr. Alexis Carrel, Nobel Prize laureate in medicine 1912: The human cell is immortal, only the cell fluid degenerates.

Dr. Otto Warburg, Nobel Prize laureate in 1931: No disease can arise in an oxygen-rich, basic environment. Not even cancer.

Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer/Lothar Hirneise: In the initial stage, every disease is a sensible special biological measure in the sense of a self-regulation measure of the body that ensures the survival of the species "now."

Nikola Tesla (described by Albert Einstein as the smartest person in the world): If you want to understand the secrets of the universe, you have to think in the terms energy, frequencies and vibrations.

Arthur Tränkle (manufacturer of the water matrix): Thanks to the "bioenergetic ultra-high frequency treatment," the energetically empty battery of cell structures can be recharged and thus the self-healing powers activated. And: In the end, the one with the most hexagonal water in the body wins!

Krescho Strlek (manufacturer of Schumann 3D systems): Due to the "three-dimensional biodynamic vibration patterns" based on the Schumann frequency (this is the background vibration in our habitat), all body systems are naturally harmonized again. And self-regulation in parasympathetic tone.

Dr. Egor Egorov (manufacturer of CELLGYMN): Cell training according to the IHHT method can uniquely activate and regenerate the power plants of the cells (mitochondria) – the basic prerequisite for healthy cell metabolism.

Prof. Dr. Dr. Enrico Edinger: The body can only enter the healthy regulation, i.e. Introduction of self-healing can be traced back through a concept for optimizing cell and mitochondria performance.

Everything we provide to our customers at CELL ENERGY CENTER has to do with information, energy, frequencies, vibrations as well as the most important natural livelihoods, water and oxygen, in order to generate the best possible cell environment.

Cell analysis/bioresonance technology: More than 220 evaluations after just 2 minutes

Cell Supply/BEMER: Electromagnetic Optimization of MicroCirculation/Nutrient Supply

Cell regeneration/Schumann 3D: Harmonisation and activation of self-regulation

Cell energy 1: Ultra-high frequency: Optimization of electrical cell membrane voltage

Cell energy 2: IHHT Optimization of the mitochondria/our cell power plants

Cell energy 3: Hexagonal water means three times more energy for the cells

Cell environment: Production of an alkaline, oxygen-rich cell environment

Pulp metabolism/weight loss due to IHHT "metabolic tuning"/activation of fat metabolism

(+) Oxygen: CELLGYMN Air One Interval Oxygen Training/High Oxygen Saturation

(+) Water: Cell Energy water/basisch/degradation of acidification, detoxifying, anti-oxidant, hexagonal

(-) Oxidation: Reduction of oxidation processes, the main reason for aging and disease 100% ENERGY 100% LIFE

Staying vital

A high oxygen saturation in the blood is characterised by a high level of oxygen saturation. In addition, in these individuals, the milieu of the cells is basic and the oxidation processes are reduced. Notably, these people are often very balanced and happy.

Even in the body of a 100-year-old, the oldest cell is only 7 years old (Alberto Villoldo).

Being Vital


At the Cell Energy Center, you get a gentle cell analysis after just 2 minutes


Staying vital


Reduce stress, stay vital, release blockages-pure regeneration


Becoming Vital


Reduction of oxidation processes-Vital remain with anti-aging


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