The CELLTUNER is a German high-frequency device equipped with a hand-held antenna that works with low alternating current but very high-frequency signals and therefore supports the cells in it without negative side effects. cell membrane tension of at least (-) 70 millivolts and at the same time create an optimal water environment for the cells. Furthermore, treated drinking water, which should be drunk before use, becomes hexagonal and thus available to cells and is antioxidant.

In addition to metabolic activation, there is even a dynamization of dietary supplements and medications, in other words they work better.

The basic inventions go back to the two outstanding scientists Nikola Tesla and the engineer Dr. Georges Lakhovsky. Tesla had discovered a new electromagnetic wave (longitudinal wave or Tesla wave) with which you can not only transmit multiple information frequencies as with a radio signal, but also electrical energy. With this antenna, you can even make a fluorescent tube glow because of the energy frequencies despite the distance.

Dr. Lakhovsky had used countless carrier waves (multi-wave oscillator) with which all cells could go into a harmonic harmony/resonance as with an activated tuning fork. He also used high-frequency electric currents.

There were a number of suppliers of various high-frequency devices with different technologies. In general, however, these high-frequency devices were so strong in their health effects that in 1934 there were more than 500,000 devices in Germany alone (before they were banned in 1938).

Dr. Lakhovsky wrote about the results achieved in his 1934 book “The Multiwave Oscillator”: “Abroad, the apparatus has already been successfully developed in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Uruguay, etc. Used.  Everywhere the results have surpassed all hopes”.

The CELLTUNER is a newly developed and significantly improved version of Russian scientists based on all these findings, which is produced in Germany using the latest technical and medical findings.

A major disadvantage of the Lakhovsky device (and some of the devices on the market today) was that the frequencies also resonate with metal, which means that these are used for implants with metal components due to the extreme heat generation (several hundred degrees). and even a spark section is formed) cannot be used.

How does the Celltuner work?

The CELLTUNER only works with a Tesla carrier wave on which the most important information frequencies and energy frequencies are modulated. In addition, these frequencies resonate exclusively with water.

Even with the CELLTUNER, the results already exceed all hopes, as is confirmed by countless detailed feedback from users. There are no negative side effects.

What happens now with the use of the CELLTUNER and the exposure of the body or drinking water.

Via a carrier wave (144,015 MHz) information and energy signals are transmitted to water and the body:

  • An extensive portfolio of important information frequencies that bring all our 200 oscillation circuits back into harmony and can go into harmonious harmony/resonance with all the different cell units; this achieves a reset of the cells and an optimization of the cell function
  • High-frequency electrical energy pulses (-) 70 millivolts to support the cell in restoring the optimal electrical cell membrane voltage necessary for health; this is essential for good cell function. With a cell membrane voltage of (-) 50 millivolts and /or acidic environment, the function of the cells is severely limited. Tumor or cancer cells have a cell membrane tension of only (-) 15 millivolts and are called refractory because they can no longer recognize and process the body’s control signals.

These energy pulses now find the worst, weakest cells because they have the least electrical reliance, because electricity behaves like water, it flows where it can flow most easily. A healthy cell has a high electrical reprovance of 2,500 OHM/a tumor cell, on the other hand, e.g. only 300 OHM.

In the diseased cells, the impulses strongly activate the energy centers, the mitochondria, and generate heat in the cell itself and thus locally “artificial fever”. It imitates nature;  Nature produces fever to kill parasites, fungi, viruses and pathogenic bacteria with the heat. So does the CELLTUNER.

This overall signal also causes the

  • Drinking water hexagonal is used with all the important advantages of hexagonality
  • In addition, all bodily fluids become hexagonal, also with all advantages
The incredible health benefits of “hexagonal water” have been extensively researched internationally using the example of “Hunza water”. Hunzawasser is pure, structured and energized glacier drinking water in a high mountain valley of Pakistan. The people who drink this water will be 120 years old on average. It was then scientifically established that “hexagonal water” (the water molecules form hexagonal, crystalline-like structures/rings) represents the following potential:
  • Improved hydration
  • Optimum sewing material absorption
  • Improved cell availability
  • Strong anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects
  • Improved mode of action of hormones and enzymes
  • Optimum flow rate of bodily fluids (in s. lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.)
  • Effective detoxification
  • More efficient metabolism
  • Improved cell communication
  • Energy
  • Increased protection of cells, their organelles and in particular DNA

It is possible to guess the immense advantages users of the CELLTUNERS can experience. Many therefore call this invention the “gift of Tesla to humanity”.

The application is done as follows: After switching on the device, the

Step 1 Water revitalization : With the CELLTUNER antenna, you first field pure drinking water by holding the antenna to a glass/pot for 5 minutes from the outside, or introducing it into the water protected by a test tube (never hold antenna directly into the water). This water is then “hexagonal”, restructured, energized and charged with the most important information frequencies for all cells. This water then has the same structure as the healthiest natural water in the world, the Hunza water, and is called “hexagonal” because of its structure. This water one drinks and then waits with the beginning of the body fielding approx. 5 minutes.

Step 2 Body exposure: The antenna (hold the handle in such a way that the red counter-antenna always points away from the body and is not touched) according to the exposure points specified in the user manual only slightly apply; only one minute at a time. pain or problem points, however, also take much longer, such as 15 minutes or more. Overdose is not possible due to the ultra-high frequency used.

If body parts become very hot, this can only be attributed to the reactions of the cells (repair processes are initiated). Then the antenna should be taken away and you should go back to the place in question later.

What exactly happens when the body is inert:

  • On the one hand, the bodily fluids with which the impulses can resonate become hexagonal; since 99% of all molecules in a human body are water molecules, this is a very important aspect
  • Secondly, all cells receive their respective natural frequencies, their favorite frequencies back with which they can resonate like a tuning fork in order to be able to work harmoniously
  • Thirdly, the body is assisted in raising the electrical cell membrane tension, which is crucial for the health of the cells, back to the optimal level of at least (-) 70 millivolts. Tumor or cancer cells have as described e.g. only a cell membrane voltage of (-) 15 millivolts.
  • Fourthly, the signals in the cells generate heat inside the cell by activating the mitochondria. This heat, quasi-artificial fever on site, causes parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria to die.
For all these reasons, the CELLTUNER can be used with great profit, both preventively and for the treatment of all possible ailments from A to Z.

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