The Celltuner sends high-frequency, electrical impulses into the body system and thus optimizes the function of the cells.

The Celltuner structures body fluids and thus creates an ideal water environment for the cells. In addition to body irronation, CELLTUNER is also suitable for the production of energetically purified, hexagonal drinking water.

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The CELLTUNER is a German high-frequency device equipped with a handheld antenna. The CELLTUNER works with weak alternating current and with very high-frequency signals.

Therefore, it can support the cells without negative side effects in rebuilding the necessary electrical cell membrane voltage of at least (-) 70 millivolts. At the same time, it creates an optimal cell environment. In addition to body irronation, CELLTUNER is also suitable for the production of energetically purified, hexagonal drinking water.

The irripation makes the water cell-available and extremely antioxidant. In addition to metabolic activation, there is even a dynamization (increased effectiveness) of nutrients, drugs and dietary supplements, since hexagonal water is optimally cell-permeable.

The fundamental inventions go back to the greatest scientific genius, Nikola Tesla, and the ingenious engineer Dr. Georges Lakhovsky. In addition to this, Tesla had discovered a second, matterless, electromagnetic wave (longitudinal wave or Tesla wave), with which one can not only transmit multiple information frequencies, as with a radio signal, but also electrical energy, similar to a laser, in addition and wirelessly.

If you hold the irritation antenna to a fluorescent tube, you can even make it glow with the energy frequencies.

Lakhovsky used multiple carrier waves, with which all cells, as with an activated tuning fork, could go into resonance (harmonic harmony). In addition, he used high-frequency, electric currents.

Around 1930 there were a number of suppliers of various high-frequency energy devices with different technologies. In general, these high-frequency devices were so strong in their health effect that in 1934 there were over 500,000 devices in Germany alone before they were banned in 1938. Lakhovsky noted the results obtained in his book "The Multiwave Oscillator", published in 1934: "Abroad, the apparatus has already been successfully used in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Sweden, Uruguay, etc. Used. Everywhere the results have exceeded all hopes."

A major disadvantage of the Lakhovsky device (as well as some models also offered on the market today) was that the signals also resonated with metal, which meant that they could not be used with implants with metal components (dental implants, artificial joints, spirals, surgical plates, etc.) because of the extreme heat development (up to 200 °C can arise and a spark gap can form).

On the basis of the findings of Tesla and Lakhovsky, Russian bioengineers developed a significantly improved device, which is manufactured in Germany using current technical and medical findings: the CELLTUNER was born.

The CELLTUNER works with only one scalar Tesla carrier shaft. The most important information frequencies as well as pure energy frequencies are modulated on these. It is important that these frequencies resonate exclusively with water.

Similar to lakhovsky's multi-wave oscillator, the results of the CELLTUNER exceed all hopes, as confirmed by numerous detailed feedback from users. Negative side effects are not yet known.

Mode of action body irritation

Information and energy signals are transmitted to the body via a scalar carrier wave. Due to the extensive portfolio of important information frequencies (we use the native original control signals here), which bring our approximately 200 oscillating circuits back into harmony and resonate with the different cell units, a "reset" of the cells to the optimal starting position and thus an optimization of the cell function can be achieved.

Due to the coherent excitation oscillations of the CT with phase-identical frequencies, the amplitude and the power flux density of the cell vibrations, and thus the intrinsic energy is increased. This process is called constructive interference.

In other words,:

All irronated cells and mitochondria receive more energy. And since "disease" can be defined as the "absence of energy", the optimization of cell function and the increase of the natural vibrations of the cells and especially the mitochondria (our energy centers) are of great benefit to the body.

For optimal cell function, a high electrical cell membrane voltage is also essential. High-frequency electrical energy pulses (-) 70 millivolts generated via CT support the cells in re-establishing the electrical cell membrane voltage ideal for health. At a cell membrane voltage of (-) 50 millivolts and/or acidic environment, the activity of the cells is severely restricted. These cells are refractory; they no longer recognize the control signals of the body and can no longer convert them, the ion exchange no longer works 100% and the oxygen uptake deteriorates.

Tumor or cancer cells have a cell membrane voltage of only (-) 15 millivolts. This can result in negative consequences such as fermentation instead of oxygen exchange, a greatly reduced ATP (adenosine triphosphate, energy currency in the cells) production and the inability to use fats, because a tumor cell can only metabolize sugar/glucose.

Since electricity behaves like water, it flows the path of least resistance, the high-frequency energy pulses during the irritation always find the functionally limited, "sick" cells that have a lower electrical resistance. A healthy cell has an electrical resistance of 2,500 OHMs, while a tumor cell has only 300 OHMs.

By irretrating with the CELLTUNER, the energy centers, the mitochondria of the diseased cells receive strongly activating impulses. These generate heat in the cell, which is comparable to a locally occurring fever. Ultimately, it behaves like nature, which with high temperatures parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, pathogenic germs, etc. kills or neutralizes.

This portfolio of signals causes both the drinking water to become hexagonal and all body fluids (99% of all body molecules are water molecules), with all the important benefits that a hexagonal structure brings.

Mode of action water irritation

99% of all molecules in a person's body are water molecules, they ultimately form our cell environment, and water is involved in 98% of all metabolic processes in our body. It is obvious that optimal drinking water and an optimal cell environment have extremely many advantages. The Nobel Laureate in Medicine Dr. Otto Warburg postulated: "No disease can develop in an alkaline, oxygen-rich cell environment. Not even cancer!"  

Therefore, an optimized drinking water, in addition to an ideal cell environment and the resulting better cell and mitochondrial function, is a fundamental prerequisite for health.

When pure drinking water is irrenated, its water molecules form hexagonal, crystalline-like ring structures that have incredible health effects. These have been extensively researched internationally using the example of Hunzawasser. Hunza water is pure, structured and energized glacial water in a high mountain valley of Pakistan. The people who drink this water live to an average of 120 years. Because of its hexagonal energy signature, it is called "hexagonal water". It has been scientifically established that hexagonal water represents the following potential:

  • Improved hydration
  • More optimal nutrient absorption
  • Improved cell availability
  • Extremely strong antioxidant effect
  • Strong anti-inflammatory effect
  • Improved mode of action of hormones / enzymes
  • Optimal flow rates of all body fluids (e.g. Blood, lymph, cerebrospinal fluid, sweat, mucus… etc.)
  • Effective detoxification and purification
  • More efficient metabolism
  • Improved cell communication
  • Power generation and transmission
  • Protection of cells, their organelles and in particular of DNA

You can guess what immense advantages users of the CELLTUNER can experience. Many therefore call this invention the "gift of Tesla to humanity".

The application

After switching on the CELLTUNER:

Step 1 – Water vitalization

Use the CELLTUNER's irritation antenna to irreverse pure drinking water. To do this, hold the antenna from the outside to a drinking glass or water bottle for about 5 minutes. If you want, you can also insert the irritation antenna into a test tube and place it in the water (please never keep the antenna unprotected directly in liquid).

The irronated water is restructured "hexagonally", energetically purified and re-energized and, in particular, charged with the most important information frequencies for all cells. After irrement, the water has the same structure as the probably healthiest natural water in the world, the Hunza water.

Please drink at least one glass of hexagonal water about 5 minutes before the start of body irrapion.

Step 2 – Body irritation

Hold the irritation antenna slightly to the irreversion points specified in the operating instructions and irreverse them for one minute at a time. Please hold the handle in such a way that the angled counter antenna always points away from the body and it is not touched.

Pain or problem points (also dominance points) can also be used longer, e.g. for 15 minutes or more. Overdose is not possible due to the ultra-high frequency used. If parts of the body become very hot, this is due to the reactions of the cells (repair processes are initiated). In this case, you should interrupt the irritation.

After a break, you can continue the irritation.

What happens when the body is irrevered?

  1. An essential aspect is that 99% of all molecules in a person's body are water molecules. Therefore, the body fluids also form a hexagonal structure that can resonate with the energy impulses.
  2. Through the irronation, the cells and especially the mitochondria get their natural frequencies, i.e. their favorite frequencies, back. As with a tuning fork, the cells can resonate via their natural frequencies and as a result work harmoniously and equipped with more self-energy.
  3. The body is supported in raising the electrical cell membrane voltage, which is crucial for the health of the cells, back to the optimal level of at least (-) 70 millivolts. Tumor or cancer cells, e.g. only a cell membrane voltage of (-) 15 millivolts.
  4. The signals activate the mitochondria in the cells. This creates heat inside inflamed or diseased cells. This heat, quasi locally generated fever, can cause parasites, fungi, viruses and bacteria to die or be neutralized.

Psychological aspects

In addition, there are also very positive psychological aspects when used in a quiet environment.

If one takes the irritation e.g. in a quiet atmosphere and with a corresponding personal, positive attitude itself, this has a very relaxing and absolutely calming effect. The irreversion can also be combined with meditation or autosuggestion. A very simple autosuggestion formula or affirmation that has often proven itself is: "Perfect health now". According to the scientific findings of Dr. Joe Dispenza, the irreversion should definitely be combined with the convinced emotion of gratitude that the perfect state of health has already occurred.

In any case, this helps the body to end the "stress reaction mode" (cause of 95% of all diseases and complaints) and to activate the resting nerve area, which is responsible for regeneration and cell renewal (parasympathetic nervous system).

If you know about the extremely positive effects and results of this ingenious technology, this can of course also lead to an effective quasi placebo effect. The effect of most medications and supplements, or the treatments of successful doctors and therapists, are strongly related to this psychological factor.

If you have the possibility to stand on a grounded field during the irritation (Earthwaver Mini),the effect of the CELLTUNER can be intensified.

For all these reasons, the CELLTUNER can be used both preventively and for use in complaints from A to Z with great profit.

Pathogens / Viruses / Coronavirus

Activation and strengthening of cells and all defensive measures of the body

The most important aspects for the defense against and neutralization of pathogens and viruses of any kind, especially the coronavirus.


Activate parasympathetic tone, self-regulation and the immune system

First, people need to get out of stress-reaction mode and back into growth mode. In stress-reaction mode, a lot of adrenaline and cortisol is released. If this is the case, the immune system is practically deactivated. For this reason, adrenaline is also used in organ transplants to prevent the rejection function of the new organs via the immune system. Therefore, the parasympathetic tone (resting and regeneration nerve area of the autonomic nervous system) must be stimulated so that the immune system, self-regulation and self-healing processes are subsequently activated. The irradiation with the CELLTUNER can be perceived as a calming, very relaxing procedure, which can bring a person, comparable to breathing exercises, autosuggestion or yoga, back into the middle and into the harmonious rest and activates the parasympathetic tone.


Improve cell environment and cell function as well as activate and strengthen the immune system

If drinking water is irreversed with the CELLTUNER for 5 minutes, it acquires a hexagonal structure. The source water should be an absolutely pure, i.e. a water purified of information. For the absolute purification of the water, the methods of steam distillation and remineralization or reverse osmosis with glyphosate filtering plus remineralization and revitalization are suitable.

During the subsequent body irronation, the body fluids (99% of all body molecules are water molecules) also become hexagonal. This means that the body fluids become intracellular and extracellular hexagonal. This results in an optimal cell environment. This is associated with a much higher energy absorption of the water and a higher energy release to the cells, an optimized viscosity (viscosity) and flow rate of the blood and thus a much better nutrient and oxygen supply of all cells as well as an improved removal of toxins and slags. This is accompanied by a significantly increased performance of the mitochondria (mitochondria are the energy centers in our cells, which are also responsible for apoptosis, genetically programmed cell death), all cells and especially the cells of the immune system. On the one hand, this means that the cells are optimally supplied with energy by the mitochondria and, on the other hand, that all mechanisms weak or old cells as well as corresponding organelles in the cells are perfectly removed from circulation by the functioning apoptosis. With fully functional mitochondria, susceptibility to disease is significantly reduced. The causes of the diseases and the pathogens involved (e.g. viruses, bacteria, pathogenic germs, fungi, parasites, spores, toxins, etc.) so far no role. The situation is further intensified by the fact that hexagonal water has an anti-inflammatory and extremely antioxidant effect in addition to the increased transport quality, detoxification and purification due to the trillions of available, delocalized, free electrons in the electron plasma (mesomery effect) below and above the hexagonal layers.

hydrogen peroxide

Detoxification and purification

About the hexagonal structures (millions of layers of hexagonal water are formed, comparable to millions of layered honeycombs) of crystalline-like, stable water with the chemical formula H302.

This condition is considered by the American scientist Dr. Gerald Pollack as the 4. The physical state of the water is described. If hexagonal structures are present, the body forms hydrogen peroxide, H2o 2much more easily. The body uses this ingeniously to kill or neutralize pathogens.

In addition, it is now known that the formation of H202 in the body is a signaling effect for the immune system. Immediately after the immune system has received a corresponding signal, it activates mechanisms that can destroy pathogens. This already provides the best possible protection and defense situation on the part of the cells (with optimal function), plus a strengthened and activated immune system.


Optimizing the effect of medications and dietary supplements

Hexagonal water is optimally cell-permeable compared to normal drinking water, which is too large due to the "macroclusters" to easily get into the extremely small openings of the cells (aquaporins). In other words, pure hexagonal drinking water ensures optimal transport of nutrients, especially medicines and dietary supplements, into the cells. Just the latter (e.g. Schüssler salts, zinc, colloidal silver, hydrogen peroxide, cranberry juice, fresh almond milk …) have long since proven themselves in the fight against pathogens. Conclusion: Hexagonal water optimizes the mechanisms of action in every respect.


Increase cell membrane tension, activate mitochondria and support the body's own defense measures

Cells are classified as young and healthy only if they have an optimal cell membrane voltage of at least (-) 70 to (-) 90 millivolts. Only then are they fully functional and more resistant to pathogens and poisons. Through the scalar longitudinal wave (also called Tesla wave) discovered by Nikola Tesla, high-frequency electrical impulses of (-) 70 millivolts are played into the body via the CELLTUNER and support the body systems in rebuilding an optimal cell membrane voltage. In addition, the mitochondria in the cells are activated so strongly by the energy impulses that they generate high heat and thus local artificial fever in the cell itself. Nature itself uses fever to kill or neutralize pathogens of all kinds. With the CELLTUNER, a very important support of the body's own defense measures takes place.

Already in ancient times, famous doctors were of the opinion: "Give me the power to create artificial fever and I will cure any disease".

Hexagonal Water I Hexagonal Body Fluids

– The key to health –


Hexagonal water is characterized by the fact that the H2O water molecules combine in hexagonal (hexagonal) ring structures. It is crystalline-like and therefore stable. Dr. Gerald Pollack also calls hexagonal water the 4. Phase of water. It is the living, energy-rich structure of natural, very healthy glacier or spring water.

99% of all molecules in a person's body are water molecules. And water is involved in 98% of all metabolic processes in our body. Therefore, an optimal quality of drinking water and all body fluids and thus also the cell environment are absolute prerequisites for health and vitality.

If Prof. Dr. Mu Shik Jhon describes hexagonal water as the key to health, he is likely to allud to its many positive effects: it has a detoxifying and purifying effect, is very strongly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it increases the viscosity (viscosity) and flow rate in the blood and thus the oxygen transport into the cells and as a consequence the energy production especially in connection with performance enhancement, burnout, exhaustion, concentration, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2, stronger fat burning, metabolic improvements, etc. V. A.


Normal drinking water consists of larger water molecule compounds than hexagonal water. Due to the dipolarity in normal water, e.g. B. 20—25 water molecules to form a macrocluster (clumps). This is too large to simply get into the cells through the small aquaporins (cell openings). The consequence of this is dehydration (lack of body fluid). In contrast, hexagonal water is structured small enough and splits easily to get into all cells, making it optimally cell-permeable and cell-available and the most important means of transport in the body for nutrients, oxygen, slags and waste materials.

Comparable to honeycombs stacked on top of each other, hexagonal water forms millions of layers in the body.

In these hexagonal layers, no atom, no molecule or pathogen can be dissolved. Hexagonal water is therefore also called EZ water ("Exclusion Zone").

Any foreign substances are pressed to the side of the surrounding bulkwater (process water). They can then be easily removed and excreted.

It promotes detoxification and purification and has a strong detox and anti-inflammatory effect. This is especially important for the connective tissue. Many deposits, e.g. acidic molecules, toxins, etc., are temporarily stored there as in a landfill and can lead to inflammation and cell mutations as well as cysts and fibroids. These foreign substances can be broken down and removed much more easily with hexagonal water.

Since the hexagonal layers in a hydrophilic (water-soluble) environment are always negatively charged and the surrounding bulkwater is always positively charged, the basic structure of a battery is present. This "natural battery" only needs an initial impulse that triggers it, e.g. sunlight or specific vibrations to generate electrical energy yourself.

In further so-called master reactions, after a previous water splitting to atomic hydrogen and oxygen, billions of small amounts of energy are then generated by the reunification into water molecules. Under "hexagonal conditions", they eject more energy than the previous water splitting requires.

Jhon assumes that healthy cells are always surrounded by hexagonal water. On the other hand, e.g. cancer or diabetes cells surrounded by water with destroyed structure. His conclusion: "An individual (is) healthier the greater the amount of structured water in the body".


Active hydrogen (according to Dr. Patrick Flanagan) is a natural anti-oxidant provided by nature. According to Flanagan, it is even the most powerful anti-oxidant in the universe. In addition, active hydrogen is so small that there are no barriers to it in the body.  Oxidation, which is negative for humans, is caused by free radicals, molecules that lack an electron. They are highly aggressive and try to snatch an electron from other molecules or atoms, which triggers a veritable cascade of adverse processes for the body. Many inflammations and pains are based on these acid-forming processes. Oxidation is also the primary reason for the aging process and for damage to DNA, mitochondrial DNA, as well as many imbalances and malfunctions.

According to Flanagan, active hydrogen is composed of a hydrogen atom plus an additional electron. It is produced in hexagonal water on the one hand by the fact that fewer hydrogen atoms are required due to the ring structures and on the other hand by the fact that the atoms in the ring structure can share electrons. The unneeded hydrogen atoms and free electrons (delocalized electrons/mesomery effect; Prof. Dr. Schwabl) accumulate below and above the hexagonal layers as plasma. Here is also spoken of neutrons and electron plasma.

The free electrons from the active hydrogen now neutralize trillions of free radicals. Hexagonal water therefore has an enormously high oxidation reduction value of (-) 400 to (-) 900 millivolts. Normal water (faucet/bottle), on the other hand, is usually even electrically positively charged with zero oxidation reduction capacity.

In addition, there is an ingenious peculiarity of nature. Normal anti-oxidants such as vitamins A, C, E, etc. if they neutralize a free radical by electron release, they themselves become a free radical and the negative cascade goes on and on. This is exactly what does not happen with active hydrogen. It is the only anti-oxidant that does not itself become a free radical when it neutralizes free radicals. That's why active hydrogen is actually not only the strongest, but also the most effective and best currently known anti-oxidant in the universe.

Dr. Patrick Flanagan describes in detail in his research on Hunza water (structured, energized glacial water in Pakistan)that hexagonal water also has a strong antioxidant effect through "active hydrogen". In this respect, his "Active Hydrogen" products, "Megahydrate" and "Crystal Energy" are also spectacular.

According to the manufacturer, a pill of "Active Hydrogen" should have the antioxidant power of 10,000 glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice.

According to Dr. Ulrich Warnke, there is also an interaction between the hydrogen atom with its additional free electrons with the high-energy quantum vacuum and in particular the dark energy, which causes an additional generation of energy in favor of the body.


Enzymes and hormones are found in the body by three layers of water and of approx. Surround 15,000 to 70,000 water molecules. Protein proteins can their protein folding (their three-dimensional geometry is crucial for their function; however, this can be caused by the in the acidic environment in general. vibrations caused by H 3O+ ions are adversely altered), only maintained and their function can only act optimally if the middle layer (Y-layer), consists predominantly of hexagonal water (62 % were measured in this respect). If a cell acides, the Y-layer loses its hexagonal structure and the hormones and enzymes lose their function.

Incidentally, the hexagonal structure could also be the reason why polyphenols, the healthiest phytochemicals, have strong antioxidant effects. These are also found in the four amino acids that make up the DNA. In both cases, hexagonal but carbon-based structures also exist via the benzene rings. Also fullerenes (also contained in noble sungite), are characterized by strong detoxifying and antioxidant properties; here, too, we are dealing with hexagonal structures.


Hexagonal water stands for the following potential:

  • Improved hydration
  • More optimal nutrient absorption
  • Improved cell availability
  • Optimal flow rate of all body fluids
  • Effective detoxification and purification
  • More efficient metabolism
  • Increased cell communication
  • power generation
  • Increased protection of the cells and in particular of DNA

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